Layton West District Mesh Network


Here in Layton, UT we run a mesh network running Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network software (AREDN).┬áThe software runs on Ubiquiti hardware and allows amateuer radio operator’s, (HAM’s) to establish a IP data network. We built our mesh network for the primary purpose for emergency communications. Several HAM’s in my area have nodes on their roofs. These nodes communicate with each other using 802.11 just like wifi.

This gives us an IP network to run and IP enabled software on it. We can manage the nodes with a web browser, run and Asterisk server for VOIP, do video conferencing etc. The picture are the nodes on my roof. I have a Bullet M2HP with a 15db TP-Link omni on top running on channel -2 with 10 mhz channel width. Below that is a Rocket M3 running channel 3.03 with 20 mhz channel width. Below that is a 24db grid with a Bullet M2HP.